AMC Rant
Week of November 23 – 25:

Only three episodes of All My Children to rant about this week. There isn’t a whole lot of anything new happening, but here are my comments:

This has gone from simple character assassination to downright bizarre storytelling! It’s simply too hard to believe that Aidan would go off the deep-end to this degree with no pangs of conscience. Also, what is Kat’s motivation in participating in this scheme of his? And are we really to believe that Zach wouldn’t have gone barreling into the motel and confronted Aidan and Kendall?

Zach Back Home:
He continues to be written as a snarky one-note bully. Disappointing.

Little Swimmers:
Really? In the space of three episodes David found out that he has a motility problem, took in DNA samples, and got the test results back? Not only that, but Amanda is supposedly displaying signs of morning sickness, what, two days after having sex? If she is pregnant, let me tell you, it’s Jake’s baby from when they had sex last week – and so both babies will turn out to be Jake’s – but only after Jake has written Amanda off for sleeping with David…sigh… Any other theories?

Adam/Annie: Another mind-numbingly fast storyline development – Annie fakes pregnancy, fakes miscarriage, is really pregnant, then has real miscarriage – all within a week! This is ludicrous stuff – not entertaining at all.