AMC Rant
Week of November 2 – 6:

Well, you know things haven’t improved when the AMC Poll is asking viewers to decide the most ludicrous scene of the week on All My Children – and nearly every storyline is represented! Let’s take a look at what happened this week on the show:

Aidan/Kendall: It irks me to no end to have the writers ruining Aidan’s character before he’s sent off the show entirely. What are they thinking? What on earth would the man want with Kendall anyway? She’s like a Chatty Cathy doll with no ‘off’ button! Realistically, the only thing Aidan should be wanting to do with Kendall right now, is find a way to shut her up when she starts blathering on about Zach – how much more unappealing could she possibly be?! So, none of this makes sense, including the pair of them going to a motel under the circumstances. Moreover, we’re now supposed to believe that Aidan has a secret identity or something? Yeesh.

Adam and The Gang: I’m completely over Zach, Ryan, and Erica trying to intimidate and wheedle confessions out of others – this has gone on waaaaaaaay too long! While I understand their motivations, I’m just tired of watching the same old thing day in, and day out.

Annie/Scott: The elevator scene was ridiculous, as is the whole idea that Scott, who has always done the right thing, would be involved in any of this baloney. Annie gets little sympathy from me, simply because of how she’s messed with Emma’s mind, all in the name of marrying power and money – don’t tell me she truly cares about Adam, because we all know she’ll take Scott for a test drive at the first opportunity – once she’s secured her future fortune.

David/Liza: One scene I actually enjoyed this week was Liza shutting David down. The chemistry between the two makes viewers sit up and take notice, and then we get to enjoy watching her string the smooth-talking doc along just slightly, before turning him down flat – such satisfaction! Liza is one of the best female characters on the show right now – she’s confident and assertive without being an over-the-top witch. Women don’t have to be throwing temper tantrums every other scene to be ‘strong’!

Jake/Amanda: Well, when I began watching AMC again back in early Summer, I really loved the dynamic between this pair, but the writers are effectively working to kill that feeling by miring them in this stupid storyline, and by dumbing-down Amanda, who seems to have caught Kendall’s incessant whining disease!

JR/Marissa: Now that JR is inexplicably in remission (after all of two or three chemo treatments), I’m begging the powers that be to give him some sort of new storyline without his wife. JR with Marissa equals flat out boring.