AMC Rant
Week of October 12 – 16:

Well, it felt like another week of dragging storylines on All My Children, except for the handful of exciting moments surrounding the switching of Kendall and her double in the hospital, and Kendall and Aidan’s escape at week’s end. Let’s take a look at what happened:

Erica: She’s first on my list of mentions because she seems to be stuck in a revolving series of confrontations – get in Annie’s face, get in Adam’s face, get in Zach’s face, get in Liza’s face, console Ryan, and then start over again… Really, it’s so repetitive! Can’t they find something more interesting for La Kane to do?! And why, oh why, was she wearing a halter top in October?!

Annie: She’s told ‘the truth’ to Scott – so we know she’s covering something up. We also know that she’s manipulating her little daughter to pretend to remain in a coma and hold her eyes shut, in order to protect the guilty party. Mother of the year – not! I hope when the truth comes out, that it is enough to redeem Annie for having gone this far, because if she’s not doing it to protect Emma herself, then it could very likely be Adam she’s protecting (which would also explain Scott’s behavior). If Annie’s put Emma through all of this to hide that Adam’s the killer – well, then it sure looks like what Annie’s really trying to protect is her impending marriage, money, and power! Regardless of who the killer turns out to be, I just wish they would reveal it soon – before no one cares at all!

She’s still more worried about getting a confession of love from Zach than anything else! Amazing! I’m hoping that being on the run with Aidan will be interesting, although I’m finding it hard to watch Aidan’s scenes, knowing he’s leaving.

Liza: Well, she made a bad move turning her back on Kendall’s double in the secret room, but she’s made a good move showing such compassion toward Bailey – even though it’s a boring story – it shows the softer side of her personality.

David at the Hospital:
How could he treat Kendall if she didn’t want him to treat them? Dumb. I like it when Angie has a go at him, though!