AMC Rant
Week of October 5 – 9:

For All My Children, the casting news continues to be more dramatic and interesting than the show itself. On the heels of the Aidan Turner (Aidan Devane) ouster, came news that BethAnn Bonner (Kat) will join the show. This was followed by the puzzling news that Brianne Moncrief (Colby Chandler) had been dumped, and the role recast with Natalie Hall. Of course we have also learned that Ray MacDonnell (Joe Martin) will be retiring, Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater) has decided to end his tenure with the show, and that Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) and David Canary (Adam Chandler) will continue their roles, along with the infamous list of others making the move to L.A. Wait! There was even more casting news – Rebecca Budig has been convinced to return to the role of presumed dead Greenlee Smythe, and will begin taping scenes in New York before the move. All of this has provided endless speculation as to what the impact will be on the show itself. Writing-wise, this week brought improvements, but still didn’t rise to the level of exciting by any stretch of the imagination. Here are the comments on the week:

I was pleasantly surprised this week by the move to give us some proper insight into Madison’s background and motivations. This bit of character development bumps the story up a notch, and makes it more worth watching. Even Frankie seemed more interesting as he wrestled to reconcile feelings of sympathy for a woman he had hated. That said, I hope they don’t drag out the Henry North murder much longer – if they’re going to redeem Madison, they should get on with it and move forward with a storyline for her.

Liza’s Baby Mommy:
There were a couple of elements of this storyline that I liked this week. I found it quite refreshing that Colby got mad, threatened to leave town, and then got over it – without having it drag on for weeks – nice! I also liked the twists of Liza telling the truth, admitting it felt good to tell the truth, and then – in a shockingly interesting development – inviting Bailey to stay with them and get to know her son! This was an appreciated departure from the expected, and predictable, baby custody fight. This story is moving at a great pace too.

Tad: I’m not thrilled with ‘Tad the Cad’ becoming ‘Dudley Do-Right’. Tad could, and should, be doing any number of more interesting things than going around town crankily giving everyone advice on how to walk the straight and narrow. Thumbs down.

This storyline isn’t doing a thing for me, aside from Ricky Paull Goldin’s (Jake) emotional scenes, which have been very good. There were a couple of laughs in it this week – when Trevor peed on David, and when Jake and Amanda joked that David’s always ‘brooding under his unibrow’, but certainly not enough to make it worth watching. The idea of Jake and Amanda doing it under David’s roof is icky, and the writing seems uninspired – it’s basically a game of one-upmanship between David and Jake, with Amanda simpering and whining in the middle of it. Bleh.