Dixie's final scene was very emotional. (ABC)

Within a few short weeks, All My Children writers have managed to kill off several of their leading ladies, leaving viewers wondering what is coming next.

Simone Torres became the first victim of the Satin Slayer in December. Next to fall was Erin Lavery, and the secret was out: there was a serial killer on the loose in Pine Valley. Readers seemed willing to go along with the storyline until one of their favorites, Dixie Cooney Martin, became the third victim when she ate some poisoned pancakes intended for Babe. The accidental death of Dixie, a beloved Pine Valley resident had new and die-hard viewers incensed. When Babe Chandler became the apparent fourth victim early this week, even more angry fans began to react to what they see as a betrayal by the AMC writers.

Here are a few of the emails we’ve received on the matter:

Rosemary S. writes, “I just wanted to say that I think it would be terrible of the network to write the character “Babe” off the show. She is an asset to the show and I really would hate to see her character leave the show. Thanks.

Nancy C. writes, “Erin, Dixie and now Babe. . . my family and I are debating on giving up on our once beloved soap. I’m tired of crying over characters that I’ve come to love being murdered.