AMC Rant
Week of June 22 – 26:

This week I am seeking the background knowledge of the All My Children regulars as I struggle to assimilate what I’m seeing/feeling and what I’m reading from posters. Let’s take a run-through the week and I’ll ask questions as I go!

Annie/Ryan: I have been puzzled as to the back story between Ryan and Annie, and how it has come to be that many people seem to have a bone to pick with Ryan, while defending Annie to some degree. From what I’ve seen the past three weeks, other than being a little intense at times (i.e. lurking outside windows), Ryan seems to be a pretty good egg. I remember him from the days of his romance with Jillian, and liked him back then. Annie, on the other hand, seems to be a user, a nutcase, and as of Friday – the killer of Stuart! So, are we to believe that she was trying to kill Adam – the very man she is now kissing and mooching from?! I am liking Aidan and Ryan working to set her up, and I also liked Ryan and Erica provoking Annie at the dinner – Erica’s lines were positively cracking me up – her delivery is divine! So, if you feel differently, enlighten me as to why – please!

Liza/Tad/Jake: Fantastic scenes this week! All of them do comedy and sarcasm very well. How lucky AMC is to have this bunch of actors! I can’t wait to see how they’re going to try and pull off this ruse. Colby and her lovesick sidekick, Petey, are a hoot too!

David: He’s scary. He makes me feel as though he knows something is going on, and he’s putting on an act hoping that someone (Amanda) will cave! Should he find out what they’ve done – oooh – the stuff will really hit the fan!

Brot/Taylor: This whole engagement to Brot seems bizarrely contrived – engaged and breaking up on the same day? What is the history of this couple – are many of you invested in them? I think she might be good with Tad – although I worry they might be boring.