Update June 24:

The latest news on All My Children’s Eden Riegel? She’s auditioning for “CSI: NY” today. Eden posted on Twitter regarding the preparation for the audition, saying, “Man is it hard to remember lines about blood lysing and discolored mummified remains.”

Soaps.com wishes Eden the best of luck!

Original Article June 20:

It’s finally time for Eden Riegel’s (Bianca) new movie, “Year One,” to hit theaters. Beginning today, Friday June 19, the All My Children star can be seen on big screens everywhere!

The down and dirty comedy, by Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters), and which co-stars Jack Black and Michael Cera, and Oliver Platt, is set in the stone age, and invites viewers to ‘meet your ancestors’!

Soaps.com is thrilled for Eden Riegel, and hopes the movie does well at the box office! Will you be going to check out this film? Are you a fan of comedy? If so, what’s the best one you’ve seen lately? Leave your thoughts below!