AMC Rant
Week of June 15 – 19:

Not a bad week for All My Children! The best part was the pace. Things really moved along and storylines progressed nicely on all counts. There were some intriguing new developments, like the fact that Randi knows Henry North, on a seemingly intimate level, and the growing insinuation of an Erica/Ryan pairing! Let’s take a look at the week:

Jake/Amanda/David Baby Scheme: Okay, well I have to agree with Tad on this one – Jake is the village idiot if he thinks Liza is going to turn up with that baby and Amanda won’t recognize him! It’s too bad he went this route, because Jake and Amanda are a great couple, but when she gets wind of the truth, it will likely end their relationship. What if she ends up having to team up with David to fight to get the baby back from Liza? Egad! I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself, but my point is that this is all gonna’ blow up in Jake’s cute face. Boom! Tad, who’s been around the block a few times, can see it, and so can I – so what’s Liza’s excuse? As for David, well, his scenes with Jake and Amanda rocked – you love to hate him, then feel that teensy bit sorry for him, and then regret feeling that way, and then you hate him again…and so on.

Liza: Well, she’s not going to win friends in Pine Valley defending the likes of David Hayward and Annie, but she certainly is stirring things up everywhere she goes! Jamie is doing a great job with the material, and she’s electric! When she’s with a man, any man, I feel this tension, like she’s two seconds away from ripping his shirt open and bedding him passionately. As we keep saying, she brings different qualities to the role than her predecessor, but there is no denying she is an excellent addition to the cast. I’m still having trouble with her as this ‘baby mama’ though – hopefully this weird plan will tank and another storyline will develop. BTW, I loved the friendship chemistry between Liza and Tad this week – great scenes!

It’s irritating to me how Marissa keeps trying to save David – and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering what she knows about him. She is hitting a wrong note with me somehow. I don’t know if it’s how prim and whiny she is written, or something else, but she doesn’t come across as very ‘real’. She seems like a character in a children’s storybook or something, and it is difficult to connect with her or understand what the heck she is doing, or why. It doesn’t make sense to me that after all the things she has heard about David, even from his own mouth, she would still be so shrilly loyal to him. Krystal is a different story. I love how she finds herself drawn to him, but vocally resists being sucked in – very real, very understandable!

JR/Marissa: I haven’t felt much for this pairing, although they were beginning to grow on me by the time they hit the Yacht Club on Friday. It’s a wait-and-see situation.

Annie Out: Well, she’s out! I think, by the glimmer in her eye, that she has all sorts of plans, and one of them is definitely to get to Emma! From what I’ve seen, she has been using both Aidan and Adam, and since Adam is the one who can pull more strings, her loyalty will ultimately lie with him! Aidan will be cast off, and who knows what he’ll do – maybe get a new woman, and a new storyline? That would be nice! As for Adam, he always has an agenda, and from his conversation with Liza on Friday, I would say there is certainly more to this than just wanting to help his ‘angel from heaven’ – oh yeah.