AMC Rant
Week of June 8 – 12:

Well, after week number two getting reacquainted with All My Children, I’ll admit to being pretty entertained! Some characters and storylines are working for me, while others – not so much! You may be surprised at what I’m liking, and what I’m not – or maybe you’ll mostly agree! Whatever your perspective, be sure to weigh in after you read! Here we go!

Randi/Frankie/Brot: As a viewer, I’m finding their scenes really annoying and wanting to fast-forward. The reason? The dialogue is so predictable, and the characters are being written very one-dimensionally. The character of Brot seems to be the exception at times. So, you have Randi behaving very young and pouty for someone that is a married woman, and Frankie is your run-of-the-mill victim – feeling sorry for himself and pushing his wife away – ho hum. We’ve seen this played out hundreds of times. Some originality, or nuances in the dialogue would make a world of difference – I’m sure these talented actors would appreciate it! Here’s hoping they get Frankie out of bed and into a better place soon – one with improved scripts!

Jake/Amanda: I love this couple! They share good chemistry, and the spontaneous proposal was adorable. This pair makes you feel good watching them. A couple of times I got worried that Amanda was going to be ‘too nice’, but she proved to have other sides to her. Both characters show complexities, which is great.

David: I love to watch Vincent Irizarry play this character! He absolutely becomes David, who is so dark, yet so multifaceted. Krystal describes him perfectly when she says that he sucks you in. He does! You want him to become good, but he can’t get there. You want to hate him, but you can’t get there! He’s such an incredibly complex character. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

The Martin Wedding: This was entertaining from start to finish. From Opal and Amanda watching the soap opera on TV while Tad became an ordained minister online, through to the comic relief of David showing up, taking a punch and getting a garter shoved in his mouth, right to the heartfelt, but simple vows. Although, why did David and Marissa both show up and walk right into the house? That was strange!

Annie/Adam/Aidan: The appeal of Annie is lost on me. I’m convinced that Aidan is going to pretend to be done with Annie as a way of covering up a hidden agenda. Please, can’t they get this fantastic-looking leading man a more interesting lovelife? Why is this guy traipsing around after damsels in distress? Ick. If Adam wants to start up with Annie, I guess it will be a bit of a curve ball, but frankly, I prefer Adam better with someone more in his own league as well. Looks like Annie’s made an enemy out of Erica as well!

Marissa: So far, I’m not crazy about this character. Still giving her time, but I don’t see chemistry with her and JR, or Scott.

JR/Scott: JR is as rude and forthright as ever – confronting both David and his father this week! There’s something vulnerable in JR, however, that always stops me short of disliking him – which makes him very interesting! This new Scott is odd and I can’t quite put my finger on why – maybe a tad too dramatic?

Krystal: Fiesty as ever – she had a great week. Lots of strong scenes! I’m totally a fan of her no BS way of communicating what she thinks!