All My Children’s Jacob Young (J.R. Chandler), has been busy off screen co-founding a new project! Designed for homeowners and contractors to connect, Jacob’s new website, eHomeNeeds, will allow homeowners to assess contractors’ work, evaluate interest in their projects, and begin the bidding process!

Jacob told media that the site is positioned to work for both homeowners and service providers – it creates a network that expands opportunities for all. Slavco Tuskaloski began the company with the vision of a user-friendly, media-driven network directory for both homeowners and contractors that makes any construction project as comprehensive, environmentally responsible, and stress-free as possible.

The site also contains ‘Green Advantage’ features, in which both contractors and customers can connect for eco-friendly specifications on materials and methods.

Congratulations to Jacob on the start-up! Is this a site that you might find useful? Share your thoughts with us on!