Mark your calendars, fans, because there is a big day coming up! Aiden Turner (Aidan Devane) is hosting a fan club appreciation event coming up in New York City!

Aidan and co-star Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Lavery) will be hanging out with fans on Saturday September 12! So far the details are still in the planning stages, so we can’t pass along times or locations, but save that date for a special Aiden/Melissa afternoon!

The co-stars have quickly become fan favorites over the past few weeks as Aidan has helped Annie face the demons in her past and reclaim her life. Things, of course, have not gone smoothly thanks to Annie’s ex, Ryan, and his grudge against them both. Ryan has gone from blaming Zach and Reese for Greenlee’s death to blaming Annie and Aidan. He’s made it impossible for Annie to see daughter Emma, tried to get her thrown in jail rather than a psych ward and now Annie – and Aidan! – are on the run! Can they escape Ryan’s vengeance? We’ll have to watch and see!

One other note to pass along, fans, Aiden has decided to go a little more green – and sell his car! Fans have a chance to drive Aiden’s 2005 Audi A4 Cabriolet Convertible. The vehicle is for sale for $25,000. You can see pictures or make your own bid for the car here.

Stay with, as more information is released about Aiden and Melissa’s fanclue event, we will pass the news right on to you! And check our AMC Newsroom for more actor’s appearances!