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Pondering Pine Valley
April 20 – April 24

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be the lead character in a soap opera? I do. I even imagine how I would react in the situations that Kendall, Adam, Krystal and Tad find themselves in. Of course I do everything perfectly…

On with the blog, I’m taking over! Kristina doesn’t know what she’s talking about! Rooting for Adam, Tad and Zach. What a waste! David, Ryan and Annie are the future of this show. And I, Evil Twin, will show you why!

David’s Deception

David is king. David is hot. David is the second coming of Christ and he needs to give all of these holier-than-thou Pine Valley types the run around but good! Jake? A simpering fool. He needs to run far away from Amanda so David can have his baby. Tad? A real moron who wouldn’t know true love if it bit him in the … Sorry, even evil twins can’t say that. Marrying Krystal was Tad’s biggest mistake yet and now he can’t let her go! David deserves to have his life, his children, his marriage and his career! Scott Chandler’s heart valve doesn’t hold a candle to the miracles David could perform in the operating room, and everyone knows it. Thank goodness Krystal came to her senses and came back to David this week. It was also nice to see him needling Amanda about what he’ll be taking from her in just a few short weeks!

The Chandler Wars

Let all of the Chandler men fight to the death. Let no one survive. Well, maybe JR. Drunken JR, he’s the most interesting of the bunch.

Wait! You can’t say that! The Chandler’s are a core family. They fund hospitals and foundations and Adam’s escapades, marriages and divorces make for great entertainment. JR is a good dad, Scott is a nice addition and together they are exactly what Pine Valley needs to take David down a few notches!

Skripendifoobin! Smash. Thwap! Alright, I’m back in control. Kristina’s locked back in the basement. Someone needs to tell the truth about Pine Valley and I’m the only one who will do it.