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Pondering Pine Valley
April 13 – April 17

A little of this and a little of that and bam! It’s Friday again! What a week in Pine Valley. We had a custody hearing, a lawyer firing himself and Frankie leaving for war. Whoa! What happened to not doing anything rash outside of sweeps months?

On with the blog!

Randi and Frankie

No sooner do Randi and Frankie get married than Frankie gets shipped off to war. I know the whole point of their quickie marriage was so that they could be married, but in the back of my mind I was hoping that Frankie’s orders would be pulled or that they Army would give him a little time for a honeymoon. It was just too fast. I like Frankie with Randi and from the spoilers I know their relationship isn’t over. Still, I wanted more of a honeymoon for them.

The Custody Suit

I am so glad that Little A is back with JR. Alcoholism or not, David does not deserve to manipulate his way into parenting – and possibly warping – that little boy. Little A’s testimony was exactly what I expected from a real-life custody hearing. Krystal’s testimony was the only surprise. I was actually proud of Krystal, despite the fact that Adam pushed her into that corner; it’s about time someone did! David’s had free reign in Pine Valley for far too long. It’s about time someone put him in his place. Either that or start writing him better!

I know David has never been the most stable, but I’ve never understood his unadulterated hatred for everyone in Pine Valley. Seriously. Why does he hate the Martins? After ignoring Babe for 20-odd years why did he become obsessed with Babe? I understand the JR hatred, and from that the hatred of Adam, but why does he constantly go to extremes to get what he believe he deserves? I think we need a glimpse into David’s past and fast before the character becomes completely unlikeable.

JR and Little A

After the custody hearing, I got a little teary because of JR and Little A. Alcoholism is something that can’t be explained to little kids and I thought JR handled the subject perfectly by talking about an illness and how he is getting better.