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Pondering Pine Valley
April 6 – April 10

It’s Friday again, fans, and that can mean only one thing: two days are coming up without our favorite show. I wonder how Zach, Erica, Adam and Colby spend their weekends…

You know what else I wonder about? Ryan’s blame games, Annie’s revelation and just what is going on with Adam lately? Let’s ponder these things together.

On with the blog!

What is up with Adam?

Adam has had me flummoxed for some time. But this is the strangest-acting Adam has been since he tried impersonating Stuart to get to Krystal. I’m really not sure how to define what he’s doing: he’s Adam one minute and he’s Stuart the next and he’s off in some other world in the next minute. Erica is the only one who seems to really be noticing all of these changes. Both Colby and JR are only noticing Spacey-Adam, Tad’s not paying much attention to him at all and we haven’t seen Stuart in some time. I think that is what we need to see next: a little Stuart/Adam interaction because Adam is only completely open with his twin.

Scott’s Entrance!

I thought Scott’s entrance was perfectly Chandler-esque. Why? Because only a Chandler would approach another Chandler and slug him. Seriously, that was a hard hit! And JR did kind of deserve it. I know the company is in trouble but he’s fired and laid off hundreds of people, stopping funding to several investments and all without a simple explanation. From the way JR talked he looked at the books and started cutting. Everyone, even divisions that aren’t performing, deserve better than that. He could at least have given them a reason or a timeframe. But he didn’t. So JR deserved that punch, and now we get to see more drama unfold between the cousins!

Krystal’s Miscarriage

This week Krystal learned she 1) had been pregnant and 2) can never be pregnant again. I loved the scenes between Krystal and Angie; that really brought back memories of their short-lived friendship. I loved that Angie told off David about Krystal and I loved that Tad was hanging around the hospital, hoping he could help in some way. That is typical Tad, at least in the past five years or so. He’s kind of turned into the Pine Valley Fixer – he’s forever fixing things for Colby and JR, trying to make things right for Opal and the list goes on. Great drama unfolded in this storyline this week and (I think) we saw the first glimmers of the old Krystal.