Fans have been livid about the Krystal/David connection in Pine Valley. Even though all soap opera fans love a great villain, most seem to be upset at the lengths to which David has gone – and the fact that no one seems to be able to stop him!

First, he was after the Martin clan, now he’s accused Adam of kidnapping and actually managed to have charges filed – when there was no kidnapping! He is terrorizing Amanda into a fake-baby-death plan and at every turn Krystal defends his actions. She’s gone from the strong woman who stood by Babe, stood up to Adam and started her own restaurant to an apparent sedative addict who tells David every secret she happens upon.

Here is what a few fans on the message boards have had to say about Krystal in recent weeks:

Starlett said, “As far as KWAK (Krystal With A K) is concerned, it seems like she died in the tornadoes and someone else took over her body. Which means they are probably going to have her suffering from an undiagnosed head trauma to redeem her. We’ll have brain drain on our hands. But as far as I’m concerned I’m done with Krystal.”

“Krystal is the most pathetic…she is just plain STUPID,” said mrfraser. “I know it is a soap, but there should be some justice somewhere for the fans and viewers and for Tad, Jr, etc!”

Alissain said, “From the beginning I never thought David loved Krystal. He is using her and I think his plan is to produce another Babe…If Krystal can’t have any more children he will send her packing! The only person I can imagine taking her in is Opal. I personally wish that Krystal would be written off the show with David trailing behind.”

“When is she going to wake up?” said LovesMike33. “She can’t say she doesn’t believe what everyone is saying about David, because she is seeing it first hand now!”

But it looks like things are about to change for Krystal. Will this latest twist be the one that finally makes Krystal open her eyes to David and her friends?

Let’s poll it!

Now that you’ve voted, tells why you cast the vote you did, and tells us: do you think Krystal is redeemable at this point? What needs to happen for Krystal to turn from the woman most fans seem to hate to the woman fans loved just a few short months ago?