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Pondering Pine Valley
March 30 – April 3

Let’s get straight to the blog this week, shall we?

Adam’s Return

He may not have taken up a lot of time this week in Pine Valley, but the Return of Adam could not have come at a better time. Why? Because JR is about to self-implode and David is getting away with anything and everything. It’s about time someone laid the smack down in Pine Valley and I’m certain Adam is the man to do it.

I am curious about his Big Secret, though. Does it have to deal with David? Krystal? Or is it something a little closer to home?

Ian’s Surgery

I really liked that the writers showed a more human side of David this week. With all the talk of how horrible he is, it was good to remember that David has had his share of heartaches, starting with Leora. Ian’s illness and surgery was the perfect way to help all of us remember that David may act like a tough, take-no-prisoners guy but he is really just a normal (okay, maybe not quite normal!) human being!

Plus this was the perfect way to slap some sense into both Kendall and Zach who have been so obsessed with being right that they’ve nearly ruined their marriage. I, for one, think they are both equally to blame for the downfall. Sure Kendall started pushing Zach away months ago but Zach isn’t exactly an easy man to love, what with all of the secrets he keeps.