welcomes David Canary (Adam Chandler) back to Pine Valley – this week! David has been absent from the show since mid-March when he took a three week hiatus. His big return is set for Friday, April 3.

When fans last saw Adam on-screen he was skipping town with Little A to protect him from the custody hearing with David Hayward; Erica tagged along. Since, we have learned that Adam collapsed shortly thereafter and has been convalescing in a Philadelphia hospital. This week, we learn a little bit more!

***Spoiler Alert***

On Thursday April 2, JR learns that Adam isn’t at the hospital – and is, in fact, missing! Tad and JR then head for Philly to find the elder Chandler and find out he’s been acting very strangely. Adam’s car will be found smashed up and abandoned and then Erica finds Adam hiding out in her hotel suite! What is Adam hiding from? And is his secret only that he wants to remain secretly with Erica?

We’ll have to watch to find out those answers, but what do you hope the secret is?

Welcome back to Pine Valley David (and Adam!)! We can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!