Credit: Lucy and Ethel? (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for August 26:

With the Season One finale just a week away, it was great to see a few couples finally move forward with their relationship, while it became clear there were a few storylines that will not even be close to resolution before we say goodbye to Pine Valley for now.

Lucy and Ethel.
Colby and Opal were totally cute during their caper, trading catty digs while helping zip each other into their skintight date sabotage gear. One question – how did they get the skunk in the box to begin with? Can you really buy them like that? Overall, Celia getting sprayed during her romantic date was pretty harmless, and the sight of Colby and Opal running off in their high heels and designer duds was hilarious. They probably didn’t anticipate the maneuver would get Celia into Pete’s shower, so he really only has them to thank.

That’s amore.
So the most romantic movie scene to Celia is from “Lady and the Tramp,” which only hammers home again how totally innocent she is. That’s why it is going to be such a shock to find out whatever horrific thing happened to her as a child.

About time.
Celia and Pete weren’t the only ones finally moving forward. Zach and Lea locked lips again and admitted their feelings, but it’s almost too little too late for this couple. There hasn’t been sizzle for a while, and Zach has been really off toward her because of the whole Jesse thing. There just doesn’t seem to be any staying power here.

AJ and Heather were hot and heavy too, but it was a little awkward and aggressive. Thank goodness Miranda broke that couch clutch up.