Credit: Big hair. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for August 12:

It was more gala drama at Chandler Mansion/Media – still weird – and there were enough over the top moments (pie in cleavage, ‘roid rage meltdown, Jason Derulo) to make this well-heeled gathering well worth the price of admission. Not that we wouldn’t trade a night at the gala for a pep talk from Billy Clyde Tuggle over a Stinky Pinky during a bender. Now that could be a life-changing experience.

Fly by.
Adam’s appearance at the gala was possibly the shortest cameo ever. Not only did we not get to see him dress down JR after his outburst on Brooke, we didn’t even get to see one word of warning or menacing look to waiting-in-the-wings Dimitri. And poor Colby – it was another moment where we got to see the hurt daughter instead of the catty mean girl when she realized Adam had left without talking to her.

In another blink-and-you-missed-it moment, Jane looked absolutely incredible at the gala. She had no scenes and no lines but her gown was art-deco fabulous. Best dressed by far.

JR’s Meltdown.
Junior’s ‘roid rage on Brooke and technical equipment was good, but the reactions to it were even better, especially David’s overjoyed smirk. The animosity between these two has become one of the best dynamics on the show, and between JR’s drug use and David’s willingness to do any evil, their battle could reach epic levels.

JR showed major cracks to Cara by throwing the fact he is hiding her son in her face at the slightest criticism. Calling her a fake and telling her to go to hell should be a deal breaker so early in a relationship, but she is so entangled with him and Oliver she is pretty much trapped. Not that any of that seemed to bother her when she gave in to that kiss. Let’s see how she feels when she finds out he’s been stealing from her prescription pad. She certainly has a rough road ahead between JR’s mess and the fact that her son’s life seems to literally be in David’s hands.

But JR didn’t have a lock on meltdowns at the gala. Jesse’s unraveling on David was pretty awesome too. He was out of control and it was not a good look.