Credit: Ouch. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for August 6:

The gala finally arrived, setting the stage for plenty of well-heeled drama next week. Sometimes the setup is half the fun, especially with Opal running color commentary and Billy Clyde hiding out in the bushes like some kind of crazed fan. But we’re more than ready to see some relationships advance, so here’s hoping the party propels some serious drama into Pine Valley.

And here we were operating under the illusion that Chandler Media was an actual operation somewhere in town, but now all of the sudden it is revealed to only be separated from the mansion by a curtain. Weird. Not sure it was necessary to even show that for the sake of the party. And what was all that hubbub last week with JR working from home vs. the office then? This shouldn’t have been a letdown, but it was. It just seemed like a shortcut.

And speaking of disillusionment, AJ is really going to have a rude awakening once he finds out what JR has been up to. After years of struggling with how he feels about his father, AJ has slowly been letting him back in. Now he’s defending JR to David Hayward which will come back to bite his pride if and when JR explodes. Not to mention how Cara will react when she finds out he’s been shooting up steroids and snagging sheets from her prescription pad. She has trusted JR with an incredible secret that affects many lives, so she should be pretty let down.

Anders past.
Finally we got to see a little bit more about what makes Anders tick, but very little. There’s a woman, regret, and a sad death. Dixie loves nothing more than an emotionally battered project and he is certainly on her list for sure. Him and Celia after she fell into Dixie’s arms during her latest horrific vision. She is just the right person to help Celia delve into her mysterious past.

Meanwhile, why is Dixie fighting to keep Cassandra in the hospital for her recovery now that she is physically ready to leave? Wouldn’t it be better to be around her family and life than laying in a hospital bed? Makes no sense.