Deep. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for July 29:

Heartfelt emotions ran high in Pine Valley this week, which is exactly where “AMC” excels. These characters have range and just like the rest of us they aren’t all good or all bad, but fall somewhere in between. Because of that, they are all redeemable no matter how flawed, and more interesting to watch than if they were just one note.

Using the last name.
Dr. Anders acts like such a jerk, so we couldn’t help but smile when Colby browbeat him into moving Cassandra’s procedure along. Colby is a prime example of how entertaining a layered character can be. Her interactions with Cassandra opened the floodgate of emotions, and her apology to JR for never visiting him in his coma was really touching. Of course, when she told Celia she needed to see Pete roll over and beg and tampered with her dress alterations, she was even more fun to watch.

Evelyn had some solid advice for Celia to watch her back, but somehow, even with Colby’s sabotage, it’s pretty much a given that Celia will still end up looking like a vision at the gala.

Trouble in proverbial paradise.
Billy Clyde’s convo with Pete was pretty entertaining considering his obsession with all things Cortlandt. Maybe Pete needs some more buddies, but he was opening up a little too much with someone he never met.

Teenage dream.
Miranda and AJ continued to sniff around each other like lovesick puppies, and shockingly it wasn’t annoying at all. Kudos to the actors for getting these kids engrained in our hearts so quickly. The teen years may be long gone for some of us, but Miranda and AJ bring us right back to those overwhelming emotions that made our first forays into love so memorable. There is something so earnest and heartfelt with these two there is no doubt this is a supercouple in the making.

My uncle, the fashionista.
It’s great that Zach is looking out for Miranda, who really needs someone other than AJ to lean on. Lea was charming with her after their shopping excursion, and with Bianca gone she could be a nice female figure to have in Miranda’s life. And when is Bianca coming back anyway? Teenage girls need adult supervision.