Needed depth. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for July 22:

We got to see some different sides to a few characters, adding depth that only endear them to us more. Opal and Pete seemed closer sharing their successes, David continued to offer comfort to the ladies in town and Colby and Cassandra connected in a way that opened them both up. It feels like the show has slipped into its rhythm, with storylines layering and characters developing naturally. Pine Valley is feeling like home again.

Girl on top.
Everyone knows tickling is teenage foreplay, and Miranda and AJ are entering into tantric Sting territory. Lots of longing looks, gratuitous tickling and straddling going on here. But it’s totally believable because the chemistry between these two is very real. It also doesn’t hurt that they are constantly rescuing each other and building each other up, which only intensifies the feelings they have for each other. The fact they live together with almost no adult supervision practically forces them to be co-dependent. But with AJ taking Heather to the Chandler gala, their tease fest should continue until at least then.

Good girlfriends.
Colby has excelled at being the anti-girl’s girl since her return to town, baiting Celia, stealing her ideas at work and sparring with her lover’s mom, Opal. So it was especially incredible to watch her hospital makeover scenes with Cassandra. This is some of the gentle old Colby we know from the past, and their scenes were almost more emotional than the overwrought ones between Angie and Cassandra. It’s easy to see why Cassandra is just as worried about Angie’s feelings, maybe more so than her own, considering Angie pulled Cassandra out of a dumpster when she was a baby and saved her life. With Colby’s help Cassandra came out of her depression, just briefly, but enough to show there is light at the end of the tunnel. Making the decision to end her pregnancy is a start to moving on too.

Billy Clyde.
Atonement or obsession? Probably a bit of both. Everyone knows that Dixie is forgiving to a fault and a sucker for second chances and redemption. Billy Clyde could be using his donation to the Miranda Center, despite being anonymous, to lure her in. And it seems to be working. Her letter seemed to touch him but Billy Clyde could still take it and make some weird shrine to her with it.