More anguish. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for July 15:

Emotions ran high this week, and not many of them were happy and light. In fact, things were downright depressing in Pine Valley as plots got pushed forward on a few storylines and teases were made about what’s to come. We love the drama but wouldn’t mind a side of joy served along with it.

Missing mom.
Bianca must be very torn. A loyal sister, she has to be with her during her health crisis, which likely could be helped by David’s controversial new bio-sensor product. But Miranda is so fragile and missing her mom right now. Being bullied is a traumatic thing and now she has all these conflicting feelings for her best friend. How much longer does Bianca think she can have her teenage daughter live with AJ anyway? Dixie is never around, and neither is Brooke, so the most supervision they get is from JR, who is doing drugs and hiding kids. And after Miranda’s conversation with AJ about her test-tube background, the reveal of her Cambias parentage has got to be coming up soon. How do you think Miranda will find out about how she was conceived? Vote below or let us know your views in the comments.

Angie’s anguish.
Watching Angie struggle with Cassandra’s decision is rough. She doesn’t want Cassandra to have to relive the horrors she has been through every time she sees her baby, but it’s still her grandchild. And because Cassandra was degraded in every possible way, Angie doesn’t want her to feel even more regret and pain for deciding to have an abortion while she heals from it all. This is such a tough call and not a decision anyone could make for them. “AMC” is certainly not shying away from getting political as Angie referenced some very controversial comments made by a politician about how women don’t get pregnant from rape. Wowza.