Oh, Mary! (Soaps.com)

Pondering Pine Valley
January 26 – January 30

Did I miss four months of 2009? Is it May already? Am I late in sending out a bunch of calla lilies to my mom? I’m not? Whew! But what’s with all the Mamma Drama in Pine Valley? They need to warn us about mother-dominated storylines; I nearly called my own mom – four months early! We can’t have that (kidding, Mom, really, just kidding!).

On with the blog!

All the Mom’s At the Shower

The Bianca/Reese/Greenlee wedding shower was a hoot. Seriously, Erica throwing snowballs? Mary waltzing in like it’s the most natural thing in the world to attend a child’s bridal shower? Claire bringing up Reese’s engagement to a (gasp) man! Could it have been any more campier? Only if Erica, Mary and Claire had joined together to throw snowballs at all three brides…but that might have been just a leetle bit over the top!

Seriously, I did like the shower. It was nice to see the girls getting so excited over their upcoming nuptials. Kind of sad that their only friends were Opal, Amanda and Randi (come on, Powers That Be, hire a few random dayplayers to flesh out the party) and no one ate cake but fun all the same.

Dr. Sinclair

Okay, all hands on deck, Dr. Sinclair has an agenda! Did anyone else find it curious that she seems to know everything about Pine Valley’s residents? Seriously, how much money did she invest in private detectives before landing at Oakhaven and proceeding to make Annie into a hardened criminal? I’m not saying Annie doesn’t deserve prison; she did do lots of bad things. But killing Richie wasn’t one of them. The man stole bone marrow, attempted to murder Zach and Greenlee, kidnapped Babe, pushed his own mother out a window (as far as we know) and caused his father to lose his hearing. Not exactly a saint is our Richie, but obviously Dr. Sinclair doesn’t think that matters. All that matters to her is that Annie killed a murdering, kidnapping man. You know what I think? I think Dr. Sinclair’s talk about therapy being like love means only one thing: at some point she hooked up with Richie, he conned her and she’s seeking revenge. That is the only thing that makes sense to me.