Hey there, Pine Valley faithful! Congratulations go out to Stacy Haiduk (ex-Hannah Nichols) and Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie Montgomery); Soaps.com has learned the two are set to guest star on episodes of the Primetime spy thriller “Burn Notice” in the coming weeks!

Stacy will guest star in the season opener, called “Do No Harm”. She plays a drug dealer who, of course, does some harm – and gets on Michael’s bad side! Go, girl!

Michael, meanwhile, will guest on a later show titled “Hot Spot”. He plays a boy trying to keep the drug lifestyle far away from his family. Sounds like a great episode, doesn’t it?

Season Three of “Burn Notice” began airing on Thursday January 29, however, there is still time to catch Stacy’s episode – and Michael’s, too! – because the show is having a catch up marathon this weekend on the USA Network. Starting at 11:00 AM Saturday January 31 you can catch episodes from Season Two and the Season Three opener again!

Congratulations to Stacy and Michael. Soaps.com can’t wait to see you in Prime time!