Oh, Mamma! So, the mamma-drama is coming to a head in Pine Valley. All My Children has Erica, the mother of all mothers, and now we’ve got Claire and Mary to deal with too!

Let’s go with Erica first. What is up with her ‘surprises’ at the bridal shower? Inviting Claire and Mary, but not warning the girls? Is she really trying to break up Binks and Reese? Or is she just this stupid?

And then there is Mary. Oh, where do we begin? Mary left Greenlee to be raised by wolves…oh, I mean nannies. She’s sabotaged Greenlee at every turn and Erica thinks Greenlee will welcome Mary’s appearance at her bridal shower?

Finally, we have new mom (at least to us!) Claire. Boy did she seem like a piece of work! Asking Randi and Amanda if they were lesbians, too? Bringing up Reese’s other bridal shower? At every turn telling Reese that her ‘choices’ are the root of their problems?

Yeah, Pine Valley has its share of Mamma-Drama. So vote in our poll!

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