Credit: More tragedy ahead. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for June 24 and 26:

Colby seemed to just be getting started working her way through the men of Pine Valley while the new Dr. Anders worked the nerves of Angie. But this week it really was all about Cassandra as the enormity of what happened to her while she was gone became crystal clear to her loved ones. She has a long road to recovery, but will Angie’s love be enough?

Opal’s move.
Opal’s decision to sell Cortlandt Manor didn’t go over too well with Pete, who really has no say in the matter considering he doesn’t even want to live there. And sure, it might put a damper on all the entertaining she thinks he might be doing at his new place if she moves in next door, but the bigger question is what could be on the horizon for Opal’s love life? With so much energy and vibrancy, Opal deserves a little late-in-life love. Let’s just hope she is able to convince Pete to take the Pigeon Hollow bathtub to his new condo to remind him of his humble roots. She never seems to need reminding, but Pete sure does.

Cassandra’s long road.
How any mother can watch the after-effects of the kind of trauma inflicted on Cassandra is a mystery, but Angie is certainly hitting all the right notes, evoking equal parts despair, desperation, regret, hate, love, fear and most of all helplessness. The picture became very clear of the horrors Cassandra went through. And while we saw parts of it acted out as it happened, it is almost more devastating to hear about it all through Angie’s broken heart. Anything becomes more real when you tell your mom and now Cassandra can’t hide from the atrocities, only move on from here. Of course, her road to recovery seems to have a big roadblock coming up judging by the shock Dixie and Dr. Anders had looking at her file. What do you think it is? Vote below or let us know in the comments.

Billy’s business.
It appears JR isn’t the only one looking for a new beginning and some respect from the citizens of Pine Valley. Selling the cathouse operation to one of his leading ladies was a bit of a shock considering how much he loved the operation. Surely is is the means to an end of Billy Clyde’s plan to earn some respect. However, his interaction with AJ in the square reinforced that he is certainly not over Dixie. Could he be doing all of this just to impress her? Possibly. But is it really respect he is after or something more sinister?

And poor bumbling Joe, so flustered by the madam. It’s good to know he doesn’t have any experience with the seedy side and has remained loyal to Ruth. Fans love hearing about the vets and hopefully we can see more old faces soon. Dixie’s defense of Tad makes us long to see his face, and Colby could really square off with Liza if she were to return.