Credit: Dr. Hottie (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for June 17 and 19:

Cassie came back, we learned Erika was living the high-life somewhere fabulous and Colby… well, she paid off her debt and had an enthusiastic run with Pete in the sack. Overall, a great week in Pine Valley.

Old faces.
It looks like Dimitri will be in town for a while with his new Talk Tempo gig. This was great news for anyone interested in some tension. Call us crazy but did it seem that he could possibly have a connection with Celia? He certainly seemed taken with her and it would actually start to bring this benefactor storyline some clarity for us. Thank goodness for meaningful, lingering looks to help us piece the puzzle together.

Dixie and the doctor.
We learned Dixie was engaged this week, and so did the new and totally smokin’ Dr. Anders. He was certainly interested in Dixie and has even checked up on her qualifications as a therapist. It isn’t too hard to deduce that with Tad off the canvas and new doctor’s sexy specs just screaming to be ripped off and thrown across the room we will have some serious tension building between these two. Dixie needs more to do than just be concerned and upset about literally everything. Dr. Anders should prescribe something to help with that, stat. Could be Tad’s loss, wherever he is.

JR’s dimensions.
Is he bad or is he good? Redeemable or unable to be saved? JR has always had a dichotomy of character that left everyone guessing his true intentions. Five years in a coma hasn’t changed that one bit. Deep down he has his mother’s heart, caring to a fault and easily hurt. But he also has a lot of Chandler in him too, and between the steroids and Colby’s needling, let’s see how long Mr. Nice Guy really lasts.