She joined our favorite residents of Pine Valley just a few months ago, but Laura Koffman (Rebecca) has already won many fans over! Despite the fact that Rebecca is Jesse’s ‘other woman’, fans can’t seem to get enough of Rebecca, even the die-hard Jangie (Jesse/Angie) fans!

When Laura took on the role, it was for a short time, but she hinted that the four month run (which is ending very soon now) could be extended? Will it extend? Find out what Laura has to say in this Q&A with the star! “It’s been several months since we last talked, how have you liked your time at AMC?”

Laura Koffman: “I loved it! They are a great bunch of people and working with Darnell (Williams, Jesse) and Debbie (Morgan, Angie) was wonderful! Shannon, who plays Natalia (Rebecca’s daughter with Jesse), is delightful! Cornelius, who plays Frankie, is such a nice man; he is such a lovely young man!” “From Rebecca’s first appearance in Pine Valley she has seemed so sincere when it comes to Jesse and Angie … after playing her for a few months, do you feel that is the real character or is she hiding her own pain behind a mask of kindness?”