Who's the daddy? (Soaps.com)

Pondering Pine Valley
January 19 – January 23

You know my mother always told me that it was a woman’s right to change her mind (no laughing from the Peanut Gallery!). This week, I’m changing my mind (can you guess what about?) – at least once!

On with the blog!

Tad and Krystal

First, could someone buy Krystal a clue? Has she completely lost control of her faculties? Seriously, the Krystal we knew when she came to Pine Valley would never have been taken in by David’s lies. Not in a million years, no matter what happened. I understand Babe died. I understand she’s now hooked on David’s drugs. That doesn’t negate the facts that she should have memorized by heart: David is a user, David is a criminal and David is a liar. Krystal. Clue. Let’s have a meeting!

Second, Michael E. Knight (Tad) is da man! I lurrve him. Tad was spot on when he grabbed Krystal this week and told her to wake up (note to Tad: next time throw some water in her face, too). I want more of this Tad – the Tad we all know and love! – forever and ever, amen. No more smiley ‘I’m Just A Dad’ Tad; give me Fightin’-Mad-Tad and keep him coming! And maybe introduce him to Rebecca! Last week I polled you to see who you would like to see Tad paired with – and most of you said Rebecca. Hmmm…great minds think alike!

Josh’s Death

I ranted last week about the travesty that brought Josh to Pine Valley so I’ll let that rest. I am seriously going to miss Colin Egglesfield; I still think they could have found a way to rewrite the rewrite of history that brought Josh to life as a Kane. Okay, mini-rant over.

I really enjoyed the Erica’s Choice storyline that had her deciding between her children. Did she decide a little too quickly? Yes, but that’s a soap opera for you. What I didn’t like was Bianca whining about how much she loved Josh, how sweet and funny he was and what a great guy. Hello! If you thought that, you would have told Reese about him – and she wouldn’t have thought he was a random architect groupie at the casino! Yeesh!


Yep, you guessed it, I’m changing my mind about David. Why? Because I’m tired. Seriously. For weeks I’ve been going on and on about the value of a great villain and I haven’t changed that opinion. What I am changing is that David is a great villain. I think he’s more than that.