Credit: The "B" is back. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for June 3 and 5:

Jesse blurred the lines between black and white again as he negotiated with the kidnappers on the side, while JR’s efforts to reform seemed more and more sincere. Colby breezed back into town with “B” written all over her, and it was definitely high time a diva arrived on set. Now if only we could find out why Celia was being haunted by her benefactor…

Back to reality.
Celia wondered exactly what had damaged her as the creepy mystery man popped up again – which seemed to only happen when she was getting closer to Pete. Something evil lurked and it would be great if Evelyn could give Celia some insight into who this guy is and why he has such control over her. She seems to really care for Celia (possibly a secret relative?) and it would be nice if she could show her how much by being honest with her.

Brooke’s big get.
An exclusive interview with a just-released-from-jail doctor who brought people back from the dead would be a great get for any interviewer, and Brooke jumped on the chance. Here’s hoping it isn’t just a puff piece and she digs some more into Project Orpheus. But did I hear correctly that JR had some ideas for scripts he wanted to go over with Brooke? That seemed a little out of left field, although he did say he could hear everything while in the coma. Wonder if one of those scripts is about a boy who doesn’t know his father is an evil doc?

The steroids.
Oh JR. Like tossing a syringe of drugs into a waste bucket at Chandler Mansion makes any sense at all. Not that AJ will find them and take them, but steroids could be a siren song to JR who is looking for a leg up on his recovery. Pretty sure that paper bag is not the last place those steroids will end up. As for AJ’s acknowledgment to JR that he understood why he got mad about the drugs – bravo! It was so refreshing to see a teenager understand that his father was only looking out for him, and it made AJ realize his father cared about him.