We see them every day, but many actors who appear in our favorite soaps don’t have their names in the headlines. Soaps.com likes to feature these hardworking dayplayers from time to time. Recently, a host of dayplayers have arrived in Pine Valley – from soldier friends of Brot’s to new doctors at Pine Valley Memorial.

Here is a bit of a scoop on some of these familiar faces!

Alice Barrett Mitchell (ex-Frankie, Another World) recently appeared on All My Children as a minister. The minister conducted the christening ceremony for baby Gabrielle soon after Bianca gave birth. Alice is best known for her role as Frankie on “Another World”; she recently appeared in a short-term role on One Life To Live as Dr. Morrison. She has also appeared in Primetime dramas such as “New Amsterdam”, “Conviction” and “Profiler”.

Before the minister could christen little Gabby, there was a scene at the Slater home – when the first minister Erica hired refused to conduct the ceremony! Saying he didn’t agree with gay and lesbian lifestyles, that minister (played by Daniel Pearce) told Bianca, Reese and Erica to find another minister! Daniel has had a long career as an actor, guest starring in Daytime dramas such as As The World Turns and in Primetime dramas such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Law & Order”. He also appeared in the 1998 feature film “Godzilla” in Japan.