Credit: What I can do for Pine Valley. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for May 27 and 29:

A lot of noses are out of joint over some of the latest developments. More intrigue in the search for Cassandra and corporate drama came to Pine Valley this week.

House calls.
Cara was making house calls and not in the capacity of a doctor. It’s uncertain what her specialty is but physical therapy isn’t her trade. As much as a Cara and JR pairing might be nice, this is a stretch. JR really needs to get his butt to the hospital for therapy and bump into David more so we can watch that drama.

There are some nice storylines going on between Miranda and Bianca and AJ and JR, not to mention the influence of JR’s own relationship with his parents affecting his struggles with AJ. JR may have a history, but for AJ’s sake it would be nice to have things work out for JR so he can become a better parent. The question of whether history will repeat itself is irrelevant. Someone just needs to give the man a chance. After Wednesday’s episode it seemed apparent he really would like to be a better father. It looked like AJ got that message and is reconsidering things himself.