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Actor updates for May 22 – 28.

Find out about the special 3-week recap video that has been released on Hulu, who is turning up on television, and who the new mayor of LA is.

New co-head writers join AMC.
Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes serve as the new AMC co-head writers. In addition to recent credits writing for the show, Connor had collaborated with Nixon on the “AMC” Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Family Album and Hayes was a producer on “Melrose Place.”

Special Hulu recap episodes free online.
If you are behind in viewing, Prospect Park has created a special 3-Week Recap episode for a condensed view of the first 12 episodes shown.

Adam Mayfield in Geico ad.
Yes, that is Adam Mayfield (ex-Scott Chandler) in the recent Geico commercial, “Maxwell and Ted Have Hail Damage.” Here it is if you missed it.

Vincent Irizarry accentuates the positive.
Vincent Irizarry (Dr. David Hayward) took to Facebook recently to address his thoughts on Prospect Park’s decision to move to two episodes a week. Irizarry thanked fans for their support and added, “…our producers are committed to helping us all enjoy these shows at our leisure, without the stress attached to falling way behind. With the great number of episodes being offered for this year, I’m confident that we’ll all be satisfied with the many hours of viewing pleasure available to us all.”