Credit: Hubbard and Tuggle pow-wow. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for May 20 and 22:

This week we’re down to two episodes but the teen scene picks up again, we get closer to finding Cassandra, and JR befuddles things further.

Is there a doctor in the house?
David took Angie home from the hospital for a reprieve while she waited to hear from Jesse about Cassandra. It’s possible he’ll be a permanent fixture there since he has nowhere else to go and they are tired of him hanging around the hospital. David really needs a job so it would be nice if Pete took him up on his offer soon so he has a new location to hang out, like an office.

The teen scene.
It can’t be emphasized enough how much we need to see more kids than just AJ and Miranda. We can’t believe what is going on in their lives just through the discussions the two of them have. We need some action. School as a location works because sometimes it brings interaction with others. Miranda needs a girlfriend as opposed to hanging with AJ all the time. It was nice to see another story develop for AJ when his teammate introduced him to steroids.

Young love.
The show leaves us wanting in the romance department between Pete and Celia and AJ and Miranda. Pete and Celia went to a club and went shopping in NY, but you’d hardly know it because they left a hotel room and arrived back in a hotel room. AJ and Miranda are truly sweet, but that story is going to have complications for a while. Some mature love stories are needed to spice things up outside of Brooke and Adam and Angie and Jesse. Many are unattached but too many are related on this show in an unhealthy way if not by blood. A bit of Zach and Lea could go a long way if that ever gets started and is there a glimmer of something happening between JR and Cara?