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Actor updates for May 15 – 21.

Scheduling changes hit Pine Valley, we remember Billy Clyde Tuggle from days past, and the cast and crew keep fans motivated.

Prospect Park announces new schedule.
This last week saw a couple of scheduling changes. The biggest news is that “AMC” will now be available only twice a week instead of four times a week. Due to this change, FX Canada will drop “AMC” from its programming. has additional information on what days All My Children episodes are available and how to view in Canada.

Fans are missing the four day routine, but the cast recognizes each episode will be here before we know it.

Jill Larson (Opal Gardner) probably summed it up best on her Facebook page when she discussed the great job everyone has done to create the shows we now have in a short amount of time. She supports Prospect Park’s decision which will allow the creative team to continue producing outstanding programming for the fans.

Daniel Covin anticipates summer break.
It’s nearly time for a break and Daniel Covin already misses the place!

Hulu episodes free online.
Although many fans feel as though they’ve hit a roadblock and are suffering with the two day a week scheduling, there is good news in all of this. Hulu will keep all episodes available for free for a short time until viewers can catch up. This is a great time to get the word out to family and friends who haven’t heard yet that their favorite cancelled soaps are now available online. Remember to visit for the All My Children recaps.