Josh is out of his mind! (

Pondering Pine Valley
January 12 – January 16

Happy Friday, everyone! You know what I love about winter? Bundling up inside, watching the snow fall – and watching some great soap opera drama. Why? Because for every tried and true storyline twist, there is a breath of fresh air. We certainly had some tried and true moments but we also had a few breaths of fresh air this week…at least I think so!

On with the blog!

Josh is Back

Okay, ignore the fact that Josh is now blaming Zach for the tornados and wants revenge because that part doesn’t make sense. Focus on the fact that Josh wants revenge on Zach. Why? Because Zach has everything Josh doesn’t. Think about it this way: Josh has always wanted acceptance but no one would accept him because of who his father is/was. Zach not only has acceptance, despite of his and his father’s wrongdoings, he has the respect of the community. He has family support (something Josh has always begged for), he has a great love (Babe kicked Josh to the curb) and he has money (Josh nearly got killed for embezzling from Zach).

You know what I think? I think the tornado/Kendall’s coma is just an excuse for Josh. He’s had it. He wants respect, he was love and he thinks money is going to get that for him. Killing Zach, in my opinion, isn’t a means to an end, it’s a way of killing the part of himself that no one will accept.

And I love it! Seriously. ***Spoiler Alert*** I don’t want to see Colin Egglesfield leave the show, but the character of Josh never made sense. They unaborted Erica’s child? That’s just a travesty beyond measure. I would rather have them find out that Madden lied about the unabortion and that Josh isn’t biologically a Kane. That’s what I’d like to happen, but that isn’t going to happen. So killing off Josh is the only way to right this wrong.

And on the subject of Erica and the decisions she’ll have to make, I thought it was high time we revisited the scene of Kent’s death – by Erica’s hand!

The Custody Battle

Did anyone else want to strangle JR and pat him on the back at the same time when he stood up, drunk, in court and raged on about Krystal’s infidelity? Yeah, it could have hurt Tad’s chances but it didn’t. It may hurt his chances at keeping Little A, but we knew that battle wasn’t nearly over, anyway. I love that JR’s filter has been taken off by the booze (that is the only good thing about him drinking) because someone needs to tell Krystal the blunt truth and not let her wriggle out of it. Seriously, if she blames her affair with David and her drug addiction on her grief one more time I’m going to lose it. Tad tried to help her. Opal tried. JR and Adam and Colby tried. Angie tried. She ignored everyone – including her children! – in favor of David and his drugs. The chick needs some help and maybe now she’ll get it.