Credit: A mystery man. (TOLN/Hulu)

“AMC” Rundown for the week of May 6 – May 9:

Now it’s the waiting game. Stories are in full swing and viewers are speculating what is around every turn. More mobsters is a good guess.

Secrets and trust.
Police procedure is a tricky thing, but why on earth Chief Hubbard thinks he can keep a secret of the current magnitude as he is keeping from his wife is anyone’s guess. Man, tell your wife her daughter’s missing already. At some point Angie is going to contact Jacob in Paris and she’ll have to ask Jesse what’s going on. Oh, look at that, she called Cassie’s roommate. Someone has some explaining to do.

Meanwhile Cassandra surprised us. She’d been struggling for days with Vlad but as soon as Vlad’s boss took off her handcuffs, she became a tame victim? At least she is not taking any more drugs. Her promise to help the other two girls probably means she is ready to kick some butt.

Hell to pay.
It is obvious that Dr. David Hayward wasn’t looking for closure and as much as Cara wanted to share false information in the hopes that he’d move on, it fell on deaf ears. Quite possibly, David knew something that Cara hadn’t disclosed to him. Perhaps her phone call to the clinic came too late. It’s fun to watch him giving her enough rope to hang herself. It’s hard to figure out why he was still wandering around the hospital when he advertised there’d be hell to pay the week before. It’s like the phantom of the opera with the mad man waiting in the wings. Does the doctor with the revoked medical license live there now? Most would think that a restraining order means the person has more distance restrictions than from a patient’s hospital room to a nurses’ station. Maybe this is a drinking game for the hipsters. Take a drink every time Angie asks David to leave. It’s a close tie with how many times the “S” word is thrown around.