Please don't let them marry! (

Pondering Pine Valley
January 5 – January 9

One week into the New Year and I have to ask: Where is Tad? Where is Kendall? At the rate most Pine Valley residents are going, these two are the only sane ones left!

On with the blog!

The Krystal Mess

Krystal had me. Really and truly. On Thursday’s episode when she was finally opening up to someone (Opal) other than David she really and truly had me on her side. I saw her grief. I saw her desperation and her despair. And then she killed it. Blaming Tad? What?!? Before Christmas Tad begged her to talk to him about Babe or to allow him to help her with renovations on The Comeback or anything else that would help her deal with the grief. She turned him down flat! And now she tells Opal that she turned to David for help with the bar because no one else was around? She said she couldn’t talk to any of her friends because they were too judgmental of her grief? What?!? At what point was anyone anything but supportive?

I remember Tad trying to talk to her and Krystal shutting him out. I remember Angie trying to talk to her and Krystal shutting her out. I even remember Adam holding out another olive branch and Krystal shutting him down. All of these people wanted to help her and she still turned to David! So I’m done. She wants David, for reason I can’t fathom. Let her have him. Bring Tad back and get him going in a real relationship. After Dixie’s death and the Krystal mess he deserves something real in his life!

Two Weddings and A Crazy Bride

Wow, is Bianca turning into Bridezilla or what? Listen up, Binks, When Ryan tells you something is a bad idea, it has to be really, really terrible. Stop looking for problems. Start believing in Reese and move forward with your life! I’m not crazy about the closeness between Zach and Reese, either, but she is obviously in love with you.

In the other wedding, I’m actually glad Ryan has convinced Greenlee not to think about Opal’s dire predictions. I don’t want either one of them dead, but I’d like their day to be ruined after all the things they’ve done to Aidan and Annie. Seriously, they both deserve a little heartache – and what’s with planning a wedding in a month when your divorces aren’t even finalized? I know this is Soap Opera Land, but come on! Let the ink dry, people!