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Pondering Pine Valley
December 29 – January 2

New year, same old stories! At least, it sometimes seems that way. With Tad out of the picture, Krystal has been playing fast and loose with David. With Annie in lockdown, Ryan is out re-proposing to Greenlee. With Amanda pushing him, JR is drinking again. Looks like the more things change the more they stay the same!

On with the blog!

Ryan and Greenlee

I’m a sucker for a great romance – you guys know that by now – but the latest Ryan and Greenlee pairing isn’t a great romance to me. And not just because we’ve been down this road a time or twelve before. You know what is keeping me from investing in these two this time around? All of the ‘We can work’ ranting and raving by Greenlee. Oh! And a little thing called Ryan’s still valid marriage to Annie. Call me crazy but proposing to one woman when you’re still married to another – and that marriage will be a long time dissolving thanks to Annie’s committal – is just wrong. On so many levels.

Forget that this is Soap Opera Land, real life or fiction, a quickie divorce to a mental patient isn’t going to happen. There have to be court hearings to determine Annie’s competence, court hearings to appoint a guardian to protect her rights and then the judge can actually hear the divorce proceedings. This isn’t a simple ‘irreconcilable differences’ case. Come on, writers!