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Actor updates for March 6 – 12.

More rebooted “AMC” info and Pine Valley alums in Primetime, on the stage and on Netflix. Stay up to date with what’s happening for your favorite “AMC” stars past and present.

AMC & OLTL launch date revealed:
The rebooted soaps have a premiere date set. Prospect Park announced that the long awaited revival of the canceled network soaps will hit Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on April 29. Take a look at the official AMC & OLTL cast photos.

Alicia Minshew back to AMC:

Minshew is bringing Kendall Hart Slater back to Pine Valley. At the moment, she’s only slated for one episode, but she is reportedly in talks to return for more. TVLine reports Minshew shot scenes with her onscreen sister Eden Riegel (Bianca).

Julia Barr talks AMC relaunch:

Barr (Brooke) recently spoke with TVLine about Pine Valley’s return. Though she couldn’t divulge much about the five year time jump, she did tease, “I’m not at liberty to discuss what happened but it’s actually a great opening script that lets you know a certain amount of things that happened and who they happened to. It’s really good.”

Michael Nouri on Body of Proof:

Nouri (ex-Caleb) appears in the next episode of “Body of Proof” as a mobster who demands answers when his son is killed. Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks”) and Derek Webster (“Damages”) also pop up in the episode. Watch the Body of Proof spoiler video and then tune into the ABC series March 12 at 10:00 PM EST to see Nouri.