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Pondering Pine Valley

As another year comes to a close I can’t believe all of the things that changed – and all of the things that stayed the same in Pine Valley over the past 12 months! I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the Best Of’s/Worst Of’s of the past year.

On with the blog!

Ryan and Greenlee Part II

Okay, maybe it’s more like Part Forty-Two, but still. I’m actually torn on this one. Why? Because I really, really liked Greenlee with Aidan. I liked the woman she was. I liked that she was focusing on her life instead of her friends’ lives. I liked that a man was putting her first in his life. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Aiden Turner (Aidan Devane) shirtless? Yeah, me either! But Greenlee and Ryan do have great chemistry.

The JR and Babe Reunion

Thank goodness Babe finally came to her senses about Richie because the man was not good news! Plus, who doesn’t want a little undying love? And JR definitely has undying love for Babe. I love them together!

Jake and Amanda

It certainly didn’t last long, but wasn’t the budding romance between Jake and Amanda one of the highlights of 2008? It was for me! Finally, a man who wasn’t using Amanda – or at least wasn’t using her any more than she was using him! These two burned up our screen over the summer and I, for one, miss their romance!

Babe’s Death/David’s Return

Two of the saddest moments of 2008 came at the same time for me – Babe’s death and David’s return. Why? Because I was not ready to say goodbye to Babe. And I wanted David’s return not to be steeped in misery. I love a good villain and David is that; but his manipulations do annoy me from time to time.

Erica Goes To Jail

Let me say, first, that Erica’s latest imprisonment was both a Best of and a Worst of for me. Why? Because in what universe would Erica really not have a tight rein on her finances? And, in what universe would Erica run off into the night with a criminal she didn’t know (Carmen)? And, in what universe would she then put her new friend’s welfare ahead of her own? Erica is many, many things but she isn’t stupid about money and she isn’t altruistic!

Richie’s Death

I know many of you were more than ready to see Richie fade away into the sunset and that you cheered when Richie died. Me? Not so much. As I stated earlier, I love a good villain. And Richie had a lot of potential in that area. I mean, he kidnapped JR to steal his bone marrow – and succeeded! He outwitted Zach – almost! – and he made Annie look like she was crazy. That is what a good villain does. So when he was killed off and the kid-crew of Colby, Dre and Cassandra were implicated I was not happy. There was too much story left to tell, for me.