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Pondering Pine Valley
December 22 – December 26

Hey there, Pine Valley Faithful, as I write this the wind is blowing, various news outlets are tracking Santa Claus’ progress around the globe and things in Pine Valley are going from better – to worse!

Reese & Bianca

Things are looking up for Bianca and Reese. Binks seems to have gotten over her You-Can’t-Have-A-Past shock at news of Reese’s ex-fiance. On Christmas Eve, she re-proposed to Reese and gave her an engagement ring. How sweet! But, that seems to be where the goodness of the Holiday Season is ending – at least this year!

JR & Amanda

For me, Amanda really, really crossed the line this week. Taking Little A’s shell and using that to get JR to drink was waaaaaaay over the line. Up until now, I really thought she would pull back and maybe even tell JR what was going on so that they could work together to get rid of David. But hiding the shell – the one thing Little A believes is protecting JR from dying, too – was just flat-out wrong. My husband, who only watches sporadically, agrees with me. He saw that scene and was screaming at her to hand over the shell.

For all of the waffling that Amanda is doing – what was that long stare at Babe if not a feeling of guilt? – I really hoped that she was ready to turn away from David. I guess that wouldn’t be a soap opera, though, that would be more like real life!