Just a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Jill Larson (Opal Cortlandt) about two new films she is appearing in; as we were chatting Pine Valley came up (of course). Jill and I talk about what the future holds for Opal.

Read on to hear what Jill would like to tackle one All My Children or click here to read more about Jill’s upcoming film roles.

So, what is around the corner for Opal?

“I know I’ll be doing some things with Rebecca Budig (Greenlee). I have a feeling they’re going to be taking advantage of Opal’s gifts.”

Speaking of Opal’s gifts, she had Pine Valley on edge – especially Krystal and Babe – with her dire predictions just before the tornado. Could there be a deeper connection upcoming between Opal and Krystal? Jill says there will be a tender/friendly gesture coming up with Opal and Krystal. That would be great! Because both women have lost daughters (Opal lost Jenny and Krystal lost Babe), not to mention their connections to Tad, Kathy and baby Jenny, it would make sense for these two women to forge a stronger friendship!

Jill also thinks a storyline reconnecting Ryan and Opal could be a big deal for Pine Valley.

“I really wish that they would reconnect Opal with Ryan,” Jill said.