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Pondering Pine Valley
December 8 – December 12

It’s funny how life on soaps can turn on a dime. Here was Tad, living his life and His Evilness (that would be David) swoops in and turns things upside down. Here was Reese, happily ensconced with Binks in Paris and whammo! Tornados and they’re now living in Pine Valley. Yeah, funny how things can turn – and sometimes for the better!

On with the blog!

The Reese Pieces

You know, I love Tamara Braun and she’s made the new character of Reese really, really likeable. That said, I’m really not comfortable (still) with her connection to Zach. No, I don’t see her as Kendall’s competition, but isn’t Zach doing now what he’s always hated about Kendall? He’s telling someone outside of his family about his problems and fears. Didn’t we just go through five months of that with the whole Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee thing? Slightly different, I know, but really isn’t it the same thing? Kendall couldn’t leave Ryan and Greenlee alone and butted in wherever she could; she told them secrets, she kept their secrets. Zach hated that. It tore his marriage apart. And now he’s doing the same thing with Reese?

Sorry, that doesn’t mesh with my take on Zach. He’s the strong silent type. He doesn’t lean on people (other than Myrtle). He doesn’t trust easily. And after a few days of knowing Reese she is his confidante? Sorry, not buying.

Flying the Krystal Skies

Note to Krystal: warm milk is a great relaxer. But when warm milk knocks you out for hours, there’s-a-somethin’ going on. Seriously. What planet is she living on? David’s milk is better than her milk? Does he have an in with a dairy farmer? This is just so weird. I went off on a tangent last week about Krystal and David and they still have me befuddled. They didn’t have some big love affair. For the first 20 years of Babe’s she didn’t even know he was her father and neither did David. So now, after a couple of years of knowing about Babe’s paternity they are both so shattered? Sorry, again, not buying it. I understand that Krystal is filled with grief, really I do. But I could see her turning to Adam sooner than I could see her turning to David. That would make sense since she is still in love with him. I could even see her pushing Adam away and sticking with her I-Married-Tad mantra. But David?