It seems that the latest rumor surrounding All My Children star Cameron Mathison – that he flashed a thong on a recent episode – are just that. has learned that the ‘thong’ was really just a t-shirt.

Last week during a scene with Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Cameron stood from the sofa and it appeared that a black thong flashed at fans. The soap star says, nope, that was no thong – just his t-shirt stuck in his undies. The clip even got a little play on the E! hit “Talk Soup”!

What does Cameron have to say about the faux pas?

“I am finding this hysterical, I gotta be honest. It looks exactly like a thong, but I hate to disappoint, it’s only my T-shirt stuck in my underwear. After the hoopla,” he said in one interview.

But Cameron’s taking everything in stride – and even making a few jokes of his own!

“I am thinking of starting a new line of thongs,” he said!

There you have it, fans, just a rumor – but our man Cameron has a great sense of humor, doesn’t he?