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Pondering Pine Valley
December 1 – December 5

With everyone killing themselves to buy the perfect gifts, get everything wrapped and stay away from the cookies, it was good to have the distraction of All My Children! Nothing makes me feel better than emotional drama and that feeling of superiority when your favorite love-to-hate character does something really low.

On with the blog!

David, David, David

I know a lot of you disagree with me, but I love David. Love him, love him, love him. He’s such a great evil character! And what he is doing to JR and to Krystal is so in character for him! Think about the past – he drugged Dixie, stole her child, tried to destroy all things Chandler and Martin. This return is right on target – and I love it! Hate what he’s doing but love the way he is doing it. JR doesn’t deserve to lose Little A and I truly believe he’s finally a changed man. But what fun is it to watch him sit on the sofa with Little A? With Amanda there, pumping him for information there is something to watch. And she’s conflicted which makes it even more dramatic. As far as Krystal, I know she lost her Baby Doll, but where was this emotional instability the first time Babe died?

After the Satin Slayer supposedly killed Babe Krystal bounced back in about two second. Now it’s weeks after her death and she’s breaking down? This is just a little weird. And what is with her leaning on David? Correct me if I’m wrong but they didn’t have a big love story. He was drunk and she was dumped and baddabing, baddaboom, Babe happened. Last time around could they even stand one another? So why is she suddenly so intent on grieving with him? I’m lost on that one.

Adam, Erica and Jack

Hallelujah! Someone finally mentioned Carmen. She’s not missing in action or dead from the tornado. She’s fine and still dating Jack. Whew! I’ve been worried about that. I wonder if she was maimed, though, because she still hasn’t been seen.

Okay, seriously, what is with Erica’s ultra-fast recovery? She was stabbed on Monday, touch and go in surgery with a lacerated liver – and isn’t that what killed Julia about six months ago? – and by Friday she’s entertaining gentlemen friends and flirting like there is no tomorrow? Man, I need her super-fast-healing genes! But, I do love the triangle the writers have going right now. Erica wants Jack but won’t say it. Erica is using Adam to get to Jack and Adam knows it. This is classic soap opera. The only thing that could ruin her plans is if Adam falls for Jack along the way. Hey, it could happen!

Susan Lucci (Erica), David Canary (Adam) and Walt Willey (Jack) are amazing at what they do so keep up the good work writers!


Man, can newcomer JR Martinez (Brot) act or what? I am loving his character and I’m totally enthralled with Broth’s connection to Taylor. Beth Ehlers (Taylor) also blew me away this week. I know Brot and Taylor probably won’t be a long-time couple, but I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for them!