Ever since Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo Du Pres) left Pine Valley, fans have been following his every move. The latest in Josh’s life? He and long-time girlfriend Fergie have set a wedding date! Josh and Fergie will reportedly tie the knot in June of 2009!

Fergie and Josh have been dating for nearly three years but because of their busy schedules – his Primetime hit “Las Vegas” just finished shooting and he is also one of the stars of “The Transformers” franchise while singer/actress Fergie is busy working on her new film “Nine” and designing her fashion line – that they reportedly haven’t had much time to actually plan their wedding.

Hopefully that changed this weekend; Soaps.com has learned that the couple traveled to Josh’s hometown in North Dakota to spend time with his family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

What will Josh wear? Who will design Fergie’s gown? We’ll have to wait and see but we already know one thing – they will look great!

Soaps.com wishes Josh and Fergie the best of luck!!