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Pondering Pine Valley
November 24 – November 28

It’s Thanksgiving week (at least in the United States), right? So why wasn’t it Thanksgiving Week in Pine Valley? You know what really has me saying, “Hmmmm…” this week? The fact that not one family, not one character even mentioned the Thanksgiving Holiday. They live in Pennsylvania and I know there has been a lot of drama, but the town put on a gala to raise money for Tornado Relief 2008 and no one could even be bothered to mention that it’s Thanksgiving?

Oh, except delusional Annie. But that doesn’t really count since in her delusion she was having a simple family dinner party with all of her hated – whoops! I mean loved – ones.

On the other hand, I’m loving Tornado Relief 2008. The dresses are glammed up, all of the main players are there – including Annie with a steak knife – and there is plenty of drama.

I won’t dwell on Annie’s psychotic break but I will say that Melissa Claire Egan deserves an armload of awards because she is so convincing as delusional Annie. From jumping off the terrace to putting on the clown makeup to the apparent stabbing of Erica, she ruled the show this week!

We’ve got Petey chasing Colby around, telling her to get over Brot. Um, note to Petey, Colby isn’t in love with Brot; she wants to help him. Plus, you’re killing your case, dude. Following a teenage girl around spouting your love 24/7 isn’t going to make her fall head-over-heels.

We’ve got a trio of men surrounding Erica. Adam wants her for reasons known only to him – and I don’t think it’s about sex! Jack wants her – for sex! And David wants her – mostly to annoy Adam and Jack. Gee, you just have to love that guy!

We’ve got Greenlee going off on anyone and everyone because Erica is stealing her company. Uh, Greenlee, Erica had a point. If you’d stop traipsing off after Ryan every flippin’ day you would have been at work and been able to bring Fusion back yourself. On the other hand, I think you’re right. Erica isn’t ‘holding Fusion for Kendall’; she wants to integrate Fusion into her Enchantment lines.