Calling all Jill Larson (Opal Cortlandt) fans! The actress has debuted two new films in the past week – both of which sound really intriguing! Although truly lovable and quirky – and sometimes downright strange! – Opal, these two new roles gave Jill a little more nastiness to play!

In the first film, “A Living Wake”, Jill plays Alma. She is the mother of a young boy who learns he has a terminal illness. Rather than being the supportive mother that you’d wish for, Alma is judgmental and a little bit mean after the pronouncement.

In the second film, “Were the World Mine”, Jill plays Nora. The film follows a gay student, Timothy, at a private boys’ school near Chicago; it’s being billed as an “indie alternative” to the Disney “High School Musical” franchise. In the film, the gay student realizes he has a magical power when he tosses Cupid’s love juice into the eyes of his secret crush. Nora is the bigoted wife of the school’s headmaster and Timothy’s mother’s boss.

Wow! Sounds like both roles are quite a bit different from our loving, quirky Opal, but the movies sound really interesting! Both films are currently making the film festival circuit. congratulates Jill on these new roles!